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Wig Help

Need help or need to learn a little more about Wigs in general? Then this is the page to begin your journey.

Wig Help - Choosing the Right Wig - There are many factors to consider when choosing the right wig.

How to Measure Your Head for a Wig - Knowing your Head Size is critical in purchasing the right wig for you. Learn How to Measure Your Head for a Wig here.

Wig Help - Types of Wigs - There are several Types of Wigs.

Wig Help - Face Shape - Determine the Shape of your Face to help you choose a style which will look best on you.

Wig Help - Types of Fibers - Today’s wigs come in several Types of Fibers.

Wig Help - Choose Your Wig Color - Considering a different look or wanting to stay close to your natural color… either is a great way to wear a wig.

Color Description Index - The color description index is a written description of each color.

Color Charts - See the color charts for each manufacturer.

Color Rings - Buy or Borrow a color ring.

Wig Help - Glossary of Wig Terms - Don’t know what that term means – look it up here in our Glossary of Wig Terms.

Wig Help - Styling Guide - Need to know how to style your new wig… here are some suggestions.

Wig Help - How do I Apply a Lace Front Wig - Need to know how to apply your new lace front wig… here are 3 ways.

Wig Help - How do I Remove a Lace Front Wig - Need to know how to Remove your new lace front wig… here's how.

Wig Care Instructions - Learn how to care for your wig with our Wig Care Instructions .

Wig Brands - Wig Brands we carry.

For further assistance, we recommend joining us on our Blog - Let’s Talk Wigs . Ask questions, get community and expert answers.