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Wig Help - How to Wear a 3/4 Wig or Fall

This page describes how to wear a wig or fall.

3/4 wigs or falls do not cover the entire head as a full wig would. You secure the wig utilizing the attached snap (toupee) clips or insert combs. You can sew additional toupee clips for added security. Integrate your own hair in the front for a seamless blend.

Start by combing your bangs forward along with 1 1/2 to 3 inches of the hair surrounding your face. Then continue by pulling your hair back into a ponytail or pinning it back with bobbi pins. If you are looking to create volume only, then just pull your hair back without making a ponytail.

Next, locate the top of the wig and the flexi-comb. Align the flexi-comb with the top of your head. Starting about 1-2 inches back from your natural hairline, insert the flexi-comb and pull backward to slide the comb against your scalp. You can secure the lower flexi-comb at the nape of your neck, by sliding it upwards. The lower comb is optional and should only be used if you have pinned your hair up or used a ponytail.

For the final touches, blend your bangs backward to cover the front of the wig. Alternatively, you can cover the front with a headband or scarf.