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Scorpio by Revlon

MSRP: $183
Your Price: $155.55
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Product Overview:

Scorpio by Revlon - What an amazing look for women everywhere to enjoy. The Scorpio by Revlon features a chin length bob, with angled sides. A very sleek, and sophisticated look. You can wear this style cut with effortless ease. A side part separates the hair perfectly, and brings the wispy bangs down across the forehead. Professional in every way. The Scorpio is part of the Revlon C3 Collection which stands for cool, comfortable, and cap-less. These three key components work together to bring you one of the most comfortable wigs available. A lightweight feel, you won’t even notice you’re wearing anything. Always cool underneath the hair. Never any moisture, or heat being trapped resulting in discomfort. A cap-less construction allows the wig to fit perfectly around any size head, and gives the illusion as if the Scorpio were custom built just for you. Available in many colors to choose from. Get stung today, and look good tomorrow.

C3 Collection
New Average
3.0 oz (68g)
3.5" (8.9 cm)
9.75" (24.8 cm)
Sides & Back:
6.25-9.0" (15.9-22.9 cm)
2.25" (5.7 cm)
Color Shown:
CinnamonSwirl; 829H Sepia; Sunny Spice; Creme Brulee

Detailed Description:

REVLON C3 Collection - Cool, Comfortable and Capless. Allows for a lightweight, more breathable, cooler fit and makes each wig feel like its custom made.

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International orders may require additional processing time.

Please roll-over the images found below to see the various colors that this wig is available in.

  • Scorpio 10/130TR Scorpio 10/130TR
  • Scorpio 10R Scorpio 10R
  • Scorpio 12/24TR Scorpio 12/24TR
  • Scorpio 123/637TR Scorpio 123/637TR
  • Scorpio 12R Scorpio 12R
  • Scorpio 14/263TR Scorpio 14/263TR
  • Scorpio 18/22R Scorpio 18/22R
  • Scorpio 1R Scorpio 1R
  • Scorpio 2/4R Scorpio 2/4R
  • Scorpio 223/23C Scorpio 223/23C
  • Scorpio 223R Scorpio 223R
  • Scorpio 234/23C Scorpio 234/23C
  • Scorpio 24/18T Scorpio 24/18T
  • Scorpio 263R Scorpio 263R
  • Scorpio 30/26C Scorpio 30/26C
  • Scorpio 30R Scorpio 30R
  • Scorpio 33/32C Scorpio 33/32C
  • Scorpio 33R Scorpio 33R
  • Scorpio 4/6R Scorpio 4/6R
  • Scorpio 637T Scorpio 637T
  • Scorpio 8/16TR Scorpio 8/16TR
  • Scorpio 829H Scorpio 829H
  • Scorpio 8R Scorpio 8R
  • Scorpio 9/14C Scorpio 9/14C
  • Scorpio Coco Cream Scorpio Coco Cream
  • Scorpio Creme Brulee Scorpio Creme Brulee
  • Scorpio Golden Sunset Scorpio Golden Sunset
  • Scorpio Pralines N Cream Scorpio Pralines N Cream
  • Scorpio Sunny Spice Scorpio Sunny Spice
  • Scorpio Tomato Bisque Scorpio Tomato Bisque

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MSRP: $183

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Price: $155.55