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Blush Colors

Sepia/Blush Colors

Some of Sepia's styles have new or interchangeable color names. Here is a list for your convenience.

Old Color Names New Color Names
Black Onyx
Blonde Cali Blonde
Brown Chocolate
Cherry Blossom Cotton Candy Pink
Dark Blue Regal Blue
Dark Pink Pink Venom
Dark Red Firecracker Red
Red Ruby Red
Hot Pink Pink Explosion
Purple Grape
Silver Chrome
White Snow
Yellow Sunburst
Dblue/Blk Blue Nite
613/Burg Vanilla Maroon
DRed/Blk Red Nite
H24/613A Banana Split
HPink/Blk Pink Nite
130 Cognac
1B Onyx
350 Nutmeg
25 Apricot Blonde
F27/613 Frosted Blonde
FS4/27 Chocolate Swirl
FS8/27/613 Toasted Almond
RS29 Jamaican Rum
613 Cali Blonde
6 Chocolate