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Kimberly by Imagination Wigs

MSRP: $154.00
Your Price: $99.95
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Product Overview:

Update your style, and own a wig worth wearing. The Kimberly hairstyle features shoulder length hair, with loosely layered curls throughout. Itís the perfect look for any woman in search of refreshing their overall style. The extended nape and wet look of the hair all combine together to provide you with a wig youíll enjoy wearing at all times. Donít feel restricted to any one style while owning the Kimberly. Each synthetic hair fiber was infused with heat resistant technology. This allows you to style the Kimberly in a wide variety of ways using any heat source youíd like. Whether you want to straighten or curl your new wig, the decisions are ll yours with no negative consequences. Treat the fibers like you would your own hair, and see impressive results. With so many colors to choose from, we have what you need to look beautiful starting today.

Imagination Collection
Heat Resistant Synthetic
Cap Size:
Cap Style:
Color Shown:

Detailed Description:

Imagination Collection

Please roll-over the images found below to see the various colors that this wig is available in.

  • ACC-Shipping Product ACC-Shipping Product
  • Kimberly 10 Kimberly 10
  • Kimberly 10/12R Kimberly 10/12R
  • Kimberly 10/16H Kimberly 10/16H
  • Kimberly 12/26H Kimberly 12/26H
  • Kimberly 130 Kimberly 130
  • Kimberly 130/33/27H Kimberly 130/33/27H
  • Kimberly 14/24B Kimberly 14/24B
  • Kimberly 14/88H Kimberly 14/88H
  • Kimberly 16 Kimberly 16
  • Kimberly 16/22 Kimberly 16/22
  • Kimberly 16/613 Kimberly 16/613
  • Kimberly 18B/24T Kimberly 18B/24T
  • Kimberly 1B Kimberly 1B
  • Kimberly 2 Kimberly 2
  • Kimberly 2/30H Kimberly 2/30H
  • Kimberly 22L Kimberly 22L
  • Kimberly 24B Kimberly 24B
  • Kimberly 24B/613 Kimberly 24B/613
  • Kimberly 27 Kimberly 27
  • Kimberly 27H Kimberly 27H
  • Kimberly 27L Kimberly 27L
  • Kimberly 30 Kimberly 30
  • Kimberly 33 Kimberly 33
  • Kimberly 33/130R Kimberly 33/130R
  • Kimberly 33B/27T Kimberly 33B/27T
  • Kimberly 4 Kimberly 4
  • Kimberly 4/16CH Kimberly 4/16CH
  • Kimberly 4/6/33 Kimberly 4/6/33
  • Kimberly 6 Kimberly 6
  • Kimberly 6/12H Kimberly 6/12H
  • Kimberly 6/22/88H Kimberly 6/22/88H
  • Kimberly 6/28H Kimberly 6/28H
  • Kimberly 6/8R Kimberly 6/8R
  • Kimberly 6/8R/28T Kimberly 6/8R/28T
  • Kimberly 613 Kimberly 613
  • Kimberly 613/27 Kimberly 613/27
  • Kimberly 8 Kimberly 8
  • Kimberly 8/14H Kimberly 8/14H
  • Kimberly 88/27H Kimberly 88/27H
  • Kimberly 88B Kimberly 88B

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MSRP: $154.00

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Price: $99.95