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Paris Jackson Starts New Trend

June 27, 2012

Imagine being the offspring of the most famous and infamous entertainer of our time. The three-year anniversary of the untimely and shocking death of the controversial pop singer Michael Jackson just passed, and his daughter Paris Jackson has made headlines — again. Besides speaking to Oprah Winfrey about the trials and tribulations associated with being […]

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5 Healthy Hair Care Tips

June 24, 2012

Wearing wigs does not mean neglecting your own tresses. In contrast, wigs can be used as a go-to protective style for over-processed, natural, or any other type of hair. Whether you wear wigs for certain occasions or all the time, your own hair should thrive, not suffer from the use of hair pieces. Here is […]

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Summer Styles with Free Shipping

June 19, 2012

Summer is no time to slow down, and one less thing to do can make it even better. Taking less time with your hair leaves more for outdoor activities and even more important things like barbecues, beach time, and family reunions. Classic and trendy wig styles by Jon Renau, Revlon, Raquel Welch, and other popular […]

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Famous Father’s with Style

June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there, from Wigs-US! Some of the most talented and attractive men in Hollywood are also fathers. Their duties to deliver on the big screen is nothing compared to the invaluable roles they play in the lives of their families and children. Still, they are always photographed looking […]

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Men Wig Styles For June

June 12, 2012

Wearing wigs transcends gender and age. People of all ages, races, and walks of life find them fashionable or necessary. Men not only began the wig-wearing trend, they also account for at least half of those suffering from premature hairloss or balding. Just like women, they too, desire to wear wigs undetected and switch up […]

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Long Lacey Costume Wig Styles

June 8, 2012

Lacey wigs creates styles especially designed for theatrical performances. These costume wigs are not as flamboyant as others, however, they complete many costume looks. They carry long, wavy, curly, short, mid-length, and bright colored wig styles made to get the audiences’ attention and leave them with a long-lasting impression. Popular wig styles include Cher, Rapunzel, […]

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Cool Wig Styles for June

June 4, 2012

June is here, and the hotter weather can be an issue for the wig wearer. Issues like heat and perspiration can drive several to shelve their wigs until cooler months. There are a few solutions to this problem, and none involve sacrificing your wigs. First, braiding or plaiting your hair during this time of the […]

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Memorial Day Weekend Hair Style Ideas

May 24, 2012

Monday, May 28th is Memorial Day, the last Monday in May. This federally recognized holiday began after the Civil War to recognize the fallen Union soldiers. The United States wanted to commemorate the brave service members that have given their lives for our nation. It originated as Decoration Day, as Americans would use the day to […]

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Weekend Hair Styles For Under $50

May 18, 2012

You may not have to get up and get ready for work in the morning, but you can still be ready for everything the weekend brings. These styles are easy and appropriate for errands with the family, sports games with the kids, a romantic evening with your loved one, or anything that just pops up. […]

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Ponytails for the Warmer Weather

May 16, 2012

It is no secret that many people feel the urge to get outside more when May rolls around. It is known for being the beginning of warmer, more pleasant weather, and the end of the harsh winter months cold weather. Several activities move outdoors, and the humidity or heat can be stressful for your hair […]

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