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Men Skin Top Wigs

Women aren’t the only ones who need style and comfort when it comes to their wig styles. Not only were men the pioneers for wearing wigs, they also began altering wig materials and construction to make them more appropriate for everyday wear and use.  Initially, they were worn by higher classes to cover male pattern baldness, then eventually evolved to be a fashion accessory available to all classes throughout Europe.

Today is no different, the same qualities that were coveted back then are still a necessity today. More importantly, technology has afforded wig manufacturers the ability to create more quality styles for less money, and in less time.

Alex Wig by New Look

Alex Wig by New Look is a classic cut made from synthetic fibers with an average and adjustable cap. It has a side part and short layers all around for a very natural look. Shorter hair in the front, with longer layers in the back and sides make it a haircut that can be worn at anytime, for any occasion.

If wearing this style daily is a must, you can choose from natural colors like black, blond, or gray; while more colorful styles are also available by special order.

Frank by Wig America

Frank by Wig America is a similar but more full of a style, with thick waves. The layers in the front are more tapered around the back and sides for more style versatility. There is a side part and skin top that will help the style easily blend with your skin complexion, and feel more confident that no one suspects you are wearing a wig.

Star by New Look 

Star by New Look is suitable for Caucasian and Asian men who desire thick and longer hair. The skin top makes it easy to wear and gives it a more realistic part. Perhaps it is named for its popularity among celebrities and famous names. Many of the older men in Hollywood stay loyal to their haircuts and don’t venture into the younger, more trendier looks. If a receding hairline is your problem, Star by New Look is your solution. It also looks great on younger men who suffer from early hair loss.

There are several men wig styles available that can give you back the confidence in your business meetings, and family outings you crave. Click here to browse them now.

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