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Blond Short Wigs

If it’s true that blond’s have more fun, then more fun is only a click a way. Blonds compliment several complexions and can make a person look and feel completely different. More beautiful. In fact, famous actress Marilyn Monroe’s fame skyrocketed after she dyed her hair blond. In Western culture, it is not hard to perceive the popularity when looking at television and magazines. Maybe you have a few more beach parties or summer activities you’d like to attend. There are several short blond wig styles you can choose from to change your image instantly:

Adair by Adora Wigs

If you want to make a statement, with a simple style, Adair by Adora Wigs is definitely at the top of the list. Not only is it blond, its emo style cut is trendy and gorgeous. This inexpensive but fashionable style will go well with any summer fashion, the longer side bang makes the face appear longer and slimmer. The wig has a packing top, giving you volume, but style versatility, as it blends with the longer fibers. Hair can be combed in many directions for different looks.

Beverly Human Hair by Wig America Wigs

Beverly by Wig America Wigs is a longer style that is shorter in the back and gets longer in the front. The human hair is a dirty blond with darker hairs mingled with lighter ones. The color shown is 8T24. Beverly has more body in the back of the head than the sides and front, and the side part gives you a side swept bang. You can do so many things with this cut and style as is, or you can change it how you want with a curling iron or flat iron.

Brianna Human Hair Wig by Jon Renau

Brianna is a 100% human hair wig — ┬ávery bold, sassy, plus its blond. High, stacked curls are all over the crown and sides. Shorter curls start at the middle of the head to the neck (shown in 24B27C). Longer layers right above the ears allow you to brush it down, back, or however you like. This wig has body everywhere. It is made with a monofilament crown and hand-tied hum hairs so you can part it or wear it off your face with the most natural hairline. Monofilament caps fit securely and comfortably on your head, and Jon Renau’s patented superior constructed goes the extra mile using Swiss lace to make the hand-tied hairs appear to come from your own head. Shop our short wigs in every color and make the statement you want.

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