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3 Short & Trendy Front Lace Wig Styles

Front lace wigs work for those who are just starting out with wigs, as well as those who have used them for a long time. The front lace gives the wig wearer freedom to style and part where they feel most comfortable. Front lace wigs work well as receding hairline hairstyles as they offer a definite but natural hairline. They also work wonders for those in need of balding hairstyles.

Lace front wigs differ from lace wigs in that they only have lace in the front of the hairstyle. This is definitely not a con when it comes to certain hairstyle, especially short ones. It is amazing what a change in hairstyle can do for your self confidence and wardrobe! Below, you will find some popular and stylish front lace wig styles that can enhance your overall look and self image:

 Hillary Smart Lace Wig by Jon Renau

Short, layered, and highlighted —  this wig looks nothing like a wig. The lace front is pre-cut and the high quality synthetic fibers are hand-tied to give you a natural yet affordable option. Never reach for glue or tape for this wig; the lace is finely woven and welded for a secure, comfortable, and natural appearance. No one will ever know. The subtle highlights make this beauty even more appealing, looking as though the sun kissed your locks, in all the right places. Available, in several colors, you will definitely find one that suits you well.

 Dream by Motown Tress

Motown tress is the leader in the production of the finest quality ebony wigs. It is no surprise that they are extremely popular for their ebony lace wigs, as they are affordable, and made especially for the African American woman. Dream is a short and sassy, curly wig style with lace from ear to ear. Feel free to place a subtle part anywhere you want, or even pin a small hump in the front. Wig glue secures this style to your head, made with 100% Tokokalon fibers. Dream will not disappoint.

 Zara by Rene of Paris

Very trendy and classic all at once, Zara by Rene of Paris accentuates your facial features in a flattering way. This style will really highlight your cheekbones and offers just enough body in all the right places. There are subtle layers that show more or less, depending on how you comb it. Available in several blended, natural, and blond colors, Zara will definitely turn heads…for all the right reasons.

Switch it up and try something new for the remainder of the warmer months. These styles are short, stylish, and allow your neck to be free from hair. Perfect combination for July!

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