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New Stylish & Comfortable Medical Wigs

The world would never have to know about your hairloss from medical conditions like thyroid problems, alopecia areata, chemotherapy, or scalp infections. In fact, technology has helped remove the stigma associated with wearing wigs. No longer does a woman or man have to wear a wig that is obviously a wig. Double-layered monofilament caps and lace fronts, have really made these styles lightweight and comfortable.

Cassidy by Amore

Veronica by Amore has a realistic lace front with short bangs across your face, and chin length all around for a full, natural and classic bob style. The bob can be worn for formal and important occasions like weddings and boardroom debates, too less formal ones like high school football games. Confidently wear a mid-length wig that offers natural styling features like the double layered monofilament cap. The sheer cap and front lace combined make styling this wig very easy and flexible.  

Cassidy by Amore

This style is similar with slight differences like longer bangs, more layers, and a semi-tapered back. No hair on your neck or shoulders, plus hand-tied hairs on a lace front cap that flow effortless in the air and style without difficulty.  You can wear this style everyday without feeling weighed down or discomfort.

Whitney by Amore

Whitney by Amore is slightly longer and less full as it reaches the tips of the hair. The hair is hand-tied on a double layered monofilament cap, and also features bangs with height in all the right places. All of these styles are created to look as natural and feel as lightweight as your own hair would. Several colors are available to compliment several complexion in each style. View several more medical wig styles that complement your style and enhance your comfort.

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