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5 Healthy Hair Care Tips

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Wearing wigs does not mean neglecting your own tresses. In contrast, wigs can be used as a go-to protective style for over-processed, natural, or any other type of hair. Whether you wear wigs for certain occasions or all the time, your own hair should thrive, not suffer from the use of hair pieces. Here is a manageable routine to keep your hair healthy and ready to transition into different styles:

  1. Keep your hair clean, but don’t overdo it. Washing your hair too often can strip it of essential oils and nutrients that keep it healthy and keep it dry and brittle. Dry hair is easier to break and leads to split ends.
  2. Eat a healthy diet. What you put into your body will come out in your pores, skin, and hair. Vitamin E is your best friend when it comes to healthy hair and nails.
  3. Deep condition periodically. Conditioning your hair after you shampoo is a must, but deep conditioning allows you to repair some of the damage that occurs through everyday exposure to the elements, heat, and over processing. Do not neglect this on a regular schedule to rejuvenate your hair.
  4. Protect ends. Even while you are wearing a wig, you can protect your ends with plaits, twists, or pins. Exposed ends are more easily split and subject to breakage.
  5. Minimize heat. If you must flat-iron your hair, try not to blow dry it, and vice versa. Over exposure to heat will undo all of the progress made by using the above tips. Heat is the single most hair killer, next to diet. Wigs and hairpieces are a perfect solution to keeping your own hair healthy. Extensions will add body and length and blend with your own healthy hair.

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