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Famous Father’s with Style

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there, from Wigs-US! Some of the most talented and attractive men in Hollywood are also fathers. Their duties to deliver on the big screen is nothing compared to the invaluable roles they play in the lives of their families and children. Still, they are always photographed looking their best and setting new trends for hairstyles.

Similar to women wig styles, mens wigs are also designed based on classic and trendy styles that are popular even in Hollywood. Granted, Hollywood dads have stylists and staff members to make sure they always step out looking their best, but they are not immune to hair loss or balding. Here are a few famous father’s with styles worth talking about:

Johnny Depp

It really would not matter how Johnny Depp wore his hair, he would still be hot. But the fact that he’s a dad and still manages to look semi-groomed yet semi-wild is very stylish. His hair is combed enough to look nice, yet wild enough to appear he’s been on a few play-dates.

Johnny Depp & His Children

Brad Pitt is another dad that isn’t afraid to take his kids out in public, or change up his hair style — short, long, neat or tousled — he hasn’t let fatherhood affect his style. Patrick Dempsey, popularly known as Dr. McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy is father to twins and rocks a head full of hair:

Brad Pitt & Family

Patrick Dempsey

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We offer several trendy and timeless mens wig styles to help men overcome the stigma associated with balding and premature hairloss; browse them here.

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