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Long Lacey Costume Wig Styles

Lacey wigs creates styles especially designed for theatrical performances. These costume wigs are not as flamboyant as others, however, they complete many costume looks. They carry long, wavy, curly, short, mid-length, and bright colored wig styles made to get the audiences’ attention and leave them with a long-lasting impression. Popular wig styles include Cher, Rapunzel, and Godiva┬ácharacters.


The Cher wig boasts 40+ inches of thick, long, synthetic hair with a akin top for a natural blend with your skin and scalp. It is available in several natural colors, as well as several bright colors.

Braided Rapunzel

Rapunzel wig has 5 feet of braided hair with tight, light, lacy curls that frame the face. Whether dressing as Rapunzel herself or another princess, this hair will surely get the message across. Only available in blond (shown above).

Flower Godiva


The Flower Godiva wig is also 5 feet long with thick, tight curls near the crown and thinner ones as they cascade to down. Flowers are strategically placed to complete the wig. Lady Godiva would ride through the streets nude in protest of her husbands taxation laws. This is just a  sample of the styles you can find by Lacey Wigs, click here for more styles.

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