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Cool Wig Styles for June

June is here, and the hotter weather can be an issue for the wig wearer. Issues like heat and perspiration can drive several to shelve their wigs until cooler months.

There are a few solutions to this problem, and none involve sacrificing your wigs. First, braiding or plaiting your hair during this time of the year is a good practice. This protects the ends and allows you to apply products to the scalp for moisture. Braids are a protective style an allow the wig to fit as close to the scalp as possible.

Another solution involves purchasing wig accessories such as Head-Line-It liners, to reduce odor causing bacteria and trapped moisture. These allow you to be dry and enjoy a more comfortable fit. Peep Top Mesh Liners are made from a specially designed mesh material that allows the scalp to breath and air to flow. Heat rays can be harmful to hair, which is another reason why wigs are a go-to fashion accessory:


Gwen Wig by Jon Renau

Choosing a style that is designed for warmer climates also helps; here are some examples of wig designers applying technology to make the wig more comfortable with monofilament and open caps:


Aster by Nalee Wigs


Flitz (Human Hair) by Motown Tress

Be prepared for the warmer weather without sacrificing the benefits of wearing a wig and protect your natural hair.


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