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Weekend Hair Styles For Under $50

You may not have to get up and get ready for work in the morning, but you can still be ready for everything the weekend brings. These styles are easy and appropriate for errands with the family, sports games with the kids, a romantic evening with your loved one, or anything that just pops up. Most of all, they save you time at the hair salon and money.

Motown Tress is a popular brand among African Americans, but also creates styles for all ethnicities:


Susie by Motown Tress

Sepia is also another popular brand, known for their quality yet less expensive styles:


Cala by Sepia

Forever Young has trendy and fashionable wig styles that are sure to get you noticed:


Fashion Note by Forever Young

You can be a totally different person on the weekend, adding these styles are literally less than a tank of gas. If you’re out at a night club, or smoke-filled place, washing the smell out is simple. All you will need is a basin, warm water, and regular dish washing detergent. Some people use shampoos and conditioners, however, this is not necessary. Once you’ve washed any undesirable odors from the wig, allow to drip dry and the style will come back.

Shop more styles, false eyelashes, and hair accessories here.

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