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Ponytails for the Warmer Weather

It is no secret that many people feel the urge to get outside more when May rolls around. It is known for being the beginning of warmer, more pleasant weather, and the end of the harsh winter months cold weather. Several activities move outdoors, and the humidity or heat can be stressful for your hair and ends. Ponytails can help protect your hair from harmful UV rays and heat damage.


String Fall DTC / Clip on LC by New Look

Besides protecting the hair, it provides a cooler alternative to wearing wigs. Hairpieces can volumize your hair and add the desired length simply and without much effort. New Look has all types of different styles and lengths suitable for a company picnic or fancy wedding.

Sepia has several curly ponytails for every ethnicity and texture.


Hairpieces by Sepia

Switching up your style does not have to be difficult or expensive, but offers versatility to your wardrobe and keeps you prepared. Besides, some things just pop up, ponytails are almost effortless. Who says you can’t change your hair everyday of the week if you wanted to? Click here to view tens of thousands of styles. Hundreds of styles are also ready for review on our YouTube channel.

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