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Easy and Inexpensive Mother’s Day Styles

Every mother knows sacrifice. From the moment you become a mother, your needs and wants become secondary to your children. Expenses associated with raising children usually supersede weekly salon appointments and the routine pampering you can afford pre-motherhood.

Your style doesn’t have to end where motherhood begins. Wigs and hairpieces offer a cost-effective alternative to going to the beauty salon. They are easy to install, change, and give you the versatility you need to keep up with all the duties that come with being a mom. Here are a few ideas to treat yourself to for this Mother’s Day:


Tivo by Motown Tress


Bree by Noriko


Ashley By Sepia


Poly by Motown Tress


Brittney by Wig America


Joyce by Motown Tress


Cognac by Nirvana Wigs

These styles are guilt-free and will save you time and money. Click here for more wig styles, hairpieces, and wig accessories. You don’t have to suffer fromĀ hair lossĀ or other scalp disorders to don your favorite wig. They are great for weather changes that make your own hair less manageable, as well as trying new styles before you commit.

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