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Gorgeous Ladies, Gorgeous Hair

Wearing a wig on television sets to look flawless in front of cameras is part of an actors job. It could be argued that wearing wigs has also contributed to the gorgeous locks we see on the stars below. Wearing wigs is a protective style that can help hair grow, rest from over processing, and rejuvenate. If your hair has taken a beating from perms, relaxers, weaving, or any style that can be harsh on hair, you don’t have to forfeit style to protect your locks.

In a recent poll on our Facebook page, we asked which style was most popular among the fans. Short and sassy has the most votes so far, with a tie between the medium styles and no preference. Celebrities spotted have shown a preference for shorter and medium styles too. Jessica Biel is sporting a straight bang with straight layers all around; while Gwyneth Paltrow added loose waves to add more body to her finer hair. Adding waves or body is simple with extensions and hairpieces by Revlon, Sepia or Wig America.

Kristen Stewart of the popular Twilight series is rocking her signature look with tousled hair yet still chic, and Halle Berry may be shielding her face from the cameras or the sun, but we can still see those gorgeous curls. These styles are trendy, and simple to achieve. Take a look at some similar looks you can wear:

Alice by Sepia

Carmen by Wig America

These are only suggestions, several more styles are available here.

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