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Raquel Welch’s NEW 2012 Lace Front Styles

Monitoring twitter conversations on the subjects of why women wear wigs if they have hair, or how uncomfortable they may be, prompted this post. Wearing wigs is only uncomfortable if you do not know how to wear them properly, more on that later. However, many wig designers have made their styles even more attractive by increasing the comfort of their wigs. Style and comfort have become most important. Raquel Welch’s Sheer Indulgence Collection is a patented lace front technology that simplifies wearing a lace front wig style. This coupled with the Memory Cap II (TM) makes it more comfortable as it conforms to your head within an hour.

The lace front wig style continues to grow in perfection and popularity. Forget about cutting the lace, glue, or tape — you won’t need them!

If you have a lot of hair (like I do) and wear wigs for fashion, braiding your own hair and pinning it back is necessary. Braiding it allows the scalp to breathe and you can apply any product to the scalp or roots of hair without messing with the style. It also protects the ends from damage. In fact, my own hair grows faster when I allow it “rest” and don wigs instead. It is a great solution for transitioning your own hair from relaxed to natural, or if you simply want to try something new without the expense ad hassle of haircuts, styles, and perms.

Wig accessories like the cotton wig liner and no-sweat liners that will trap perspiration or any bacteria produced from sweating will work in all seasons to evaporate sweat, keeping your scalp dry, cool, and heat free. Wigs are no more uncomfortable than paying hundreds of dollars at a hair salon for a style that won’t last long. If you take care of your wigs, they will look good and keep their style for as long as you keep them. My favorite reasons to wear wigs includes: saving money, a style that ALWAYS looks good, and a busy schedule.



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