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Bridal Hair & Customs

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In our last post, we talked about the bridal attire, and more specifically, how it has changed over time. There are also customs incorporated into weddings that help the bride understand the gravity of the decision they are going to make.

Walking down the aisle is symbolic of the commitment the couple makes before God and man. Family and friends gather to celebrate the special occasion, meet the other side of the family, and commemorate the moments just before and after the couple become one.

Giving the bride away symbolizes the transfer of responsibility that the husband now has instead of the father. This may not be the case for most brides but is still a special part of the ceremony. The father or person giving the bride away leaves her at the altar as the husband takes her side.

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After the vows are exchanged and rings given as a symbol of never ending love, then comes the ceremonial kiss. This is usually captured by photographers and family members as the first moment husband and wife physically bond. The physical bonding continues at the reception when bride and groom share the first piece of wedding cake.

Once the ceremony is over, the reception and real celebrations begin. Modern traditions have taken the first dance a little further, with some couples adding choreographed dance sequences where guests are first entertained then asked to join in. June remains the favorite month for marriage — in the past because of fertility and old wives tales ensuring conception. However, great weather, beautiful and exotic destinations, and being the traditional month for vacation are sure to add to the reasons June remains couples favorite month to wed.

Whether you want to add adornments to your hair or wear a veil, making your bridal hair style can be easy and stress-free, leaving you to more important details.

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