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Bridal Attire & Wedding Day Styles

Elegance - Formal Affair by Jon Renau

We all want the perfect hair day, every single day, and that is simply improbable. But no other day tops the list of having perfect hair than your wedding day. Whether you plan something simple and quaint or elaborate and fancy, every woman wants a gorgeous style that will be semi-comfortable and look stunning. More than just looking beautiful for the wedding day, there are several bridal traditions that commence months or weeks before the wedding that are equally as important.

Bridal traditions go back centuries and almost every part of the bride-to-be’s plans include ceremonies and rituals that reflect ┬átheir culture. Engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and bachelorette parties. Depending on the culture and budget, these celebrations can be just as important and elaborate as the actual wedding.

Wedding Attire:

Human Hair Wiglet by Wig America

Choosing a white wedding gown has long signified purity, but has also become popular in second and third marriages, thanks to Queen Victoria.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” represent what lies behind and what lies ahead. Something old refers to keeping family close as you create your own, and something new refers to all the adventures that lie ahead. Something borrowed will keep family close and something blue, usually a garter, means loyalty. Placing a penny in the shoe is symbol of ongoing and future wealth in your marriage.

The veil was worn as a covering that signified virginity and to keep evil spirits away. Many traditional brides still wear the veil, but tiara’s and other hair accessories are taking their place for others.┬áThe wedding ring was also believed to keep evil spirits away and it’s size represented the grooms wealth. Placing it on the third finger of left hand stands for never-ending love.

Perfect 10 Hairpiece by Forever Young

Another important part of the bride’s attire is the bouquet. In times past, the bouquet was filled with herbs to encourage fertility. Today, it has come to represent the brides personality, with different flower species, of all colors and sizes. Tossing the bouquet has not always meant who would be marry next, it used to mean that the bride could escape with her wedding dress intact.

Besides the makeup and jewelry, the brides hair will be a focal point. Some brides wear their hair up, as they anticipate a long night of dancing and mingling among guests, family, and friends. The bun has long been a style worn by brides. It has an elegant look yet can keep all the hair in place as the bride greets guests and loosens up a bit.

Planning ahead alleviates undue stress that naturally arises as the day draws closer. It is always the simple things and small events that can be overlooked until the last minute when planning an event on such a large scale.

June is traditionally a peak month for weddings, and has been since Roman times. Juno was Jupiter’s wife, and the goddess of childbirth. Marrying in June ensured a long and prosperous life together, and an assurance of children to come. Be the bride you want, unconventional, traditional, or anything in between. Click here for more wedding day style ideas.


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