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Human Hair Styles for the Frugal Fashionista!

Human hair wigs are the most popular of all wig styles because of their superior quality, construction and durability. They will last as long as you will keep them in good condition and can be styled any way you like. No matter the style purchased, you can safely apply most products and use any heat styling equipment for your perfect look. This type of versatility comes at a higher price than synthetic or human hair blended wigs, but is well justified.

It is difficult for me to stick to one hairstyle for too long, especially during spring.

Here are some amazing deals on human hair wigs for those who switch their hair too often to invest too much in just one wig:

Bom by Motown Tress

Wear this style flipped out, as is, or any way you see fit. The best thing is the price for this 100% human hair wig, excellent addition to any spring collection. Short, simple, classic.

Martina by Wig America

Martina is short but full with longer layers towards the back. You can style this with large rollers for more body to narrow the face, or flip the layers for a totally new hair style.

Louis by Motown Tress

For a more dramatic look and subtle color, Louis is also 100% human hair with sharper angles and longer layers around the side.

Zema by Motown Tress

For something slightly longer and fuller for more styling options, Zema by Motown Tress has bangs and a face-framing cut.

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