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Popular Mens Wig Styles


Haden by Nirvana Wigs


Mens wigs are popular for the same reasons and used in the same ways as women use wigs. Regardless of gender, wigs are an excellent way to conceal hair loss, baldness, receding hairlines, or scalp imperfections, as well as enhance the appearance. No matter what reasons you wear a wig, style and selection should always be current with modern hair style trends. Some people wear wigs simply to keep up with style trends and save their own hair the stress.

– This style is familiar and can be seen on several of today’s young men, including Zac Efron. It is a classic cut that has been worn by children, adolescents, and older men alike. Don’t you think it looks like Pop Superstar Justin Bieber’s famous haircut?

This hair is full and trendy, perfect whether you need to conceal hair loss or enhance your look!

Jude by Wig America

– Another popular style is Jude.

It has a skin top which provides natural appearance and allows some air flow. Jude has layers galore and all the body and height you’ll need.

Constructed with washable synthetic fiber, you won’t have to worry about losing the style after a night out. Wash the smell of the evening away and keep the long side burns in their place. With hair all over the place, rocking out will be easy with this style.

PJ Wig by Jon Renau


– For a more conservative look that will blend in and draw no attention, PJ by Jon Renau is among the top of the list.

This toupee is constructed on a monofilament cap for maximum blending and comfort. Straight layers make it thin and easy to style as you’ve always styled your hair so no one will suspect.

Maybe you want something long like Johnny Depp or simple like George Clooney? To browse more mens wigs styles, click here.

Long in the front, or layered in the back, you can wear what makes you feel comfortable and shows others what you want them to see. There is no reason to ignore a receding hairline or silently obsess over hair loss.


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