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Wearing Wigs More Comfortably

Darla Wig by Jon Renau (HH, Mono Top)

Maybe you have worn wigs for a while or you’re just beginning to venture into wearing wigs –you already know all the advantages. Wigs are quick, easy, and keep their style without much effort or cost when compared to salon visits and upkeep. However, your fashionable wig can become uncomfortable after an 8 hour workday, or during warmer months. How about wearing your wig at the gym without getting all sweaty?

You can look and feel good with the right cap style and wig accessories.

Cap Style

The cap or base upon which the weft is sewn or the hairs are hand-tied is the first option to consider when choosing your wigs. Monofilament caps are recommended for sensitive scalps and offer excellent comfort due to their construction materials. They are made of soft, thin, and breathable nylon or polyester micro-mesh fibers. More than giving you a natural hairline and the appearance of a full head of hair; it is also optimal for those with itchy scalps or those who deal with heat and moisture underneath their wigs.

Mono caps give you a natural hairline and the ability to comb or part almost in any direction; it is also breathable, allowing air to flow and no time for moisture or heat build up! Wig manufacturers like Jon Renau, Wig America, and Revlon create several human hair wigs on monofilament bases.


Alicia Wig by Jon Renau

Belinda HH by Wig America

Other Wig Accessories

If you have existing wig styles and need more comfort, consider these:

1. Cotton Wig Liners are especially designed for those with sensitive / itchy scalps. These provide a barrier between the wig cap and your skin. They are thin and available to match the color of your scalp.

Cotton Wig Liner by Jon Renau

2. Head Liners – Trap dirt, sweat, and bacteria with a micro-fiber head liner and keep it from getting in your hair. Working outdoors, warm climate areas, and working out at the gym are all times that these liners would come in handy for anyone.

Head - Line It Headliners

3. Aside from the regular nylon wig caps that hold your hair in place and keep your wig secure, Peep Top Mesh Wig Liners have the added bonus of a peep top and most of all, made of breathable mesh material.

Peep Top Mesh Wig Liner

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