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3 Lace Front Wig Styles by Sepia

Lace front wig styles can give you a salon look in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost. The infamous go-to ponytail is no longer the only fast and neat option for those days you just don’t feel like messing with your hair.

Lace Front Wig Styles Are Great For:

  • Receding or thinning hair lines
  • Chemo, Alopecia or other hair loss patients with issues caused by disease
  • Semi-permanent solution as it can be secured for daily wear
  • Everyday wear as some newer styles can be secured without tape or glue
  • Wearing a wig with a natural hair line for some parting space and off the face styling
Lace Front Rio by Sepia

Lace Front Ruby by Sepia

Lace Front Pearl by Sepia

Go about your daily routine without worrying about your hair. You’ll look great as you run errands, carpool, and go about other daily tasks. Sepia lace front wigs are worth a look!

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