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Mens Hairpieces & Wig Styles

Hair loss is not gender specific. In fact, as we age we all become more vulnerable to losing hair, regardless of our health. Things that contribute to hair loss can be age, health, stress, medical conditions, and genetics. Like anyone else, men are concerned with their appearance and invest in looking well for their careers, their loved ones, and themselves. Whether thinning hair is a issue or wearing a style that your natural texture cannot achieve is your aim, wig makers have not forgotten about the men.

Hair is subliminally associated with youth and vitality. Adding volume, length, or a trendy style may do a lot to influence ones self esteem. Mens wigs offer similar styling options, color choices, and quality as women hairpieces. Add mouse or another styling product to quickly change your style and look.

1.  Perfect for any occasion or age, this layered, classic look is simple and will never raise questions. It is constructed on a breathable and comfortable cap designed to keep moisture out.

Avanti by Nirvana Wigs

2. This wig offers a full head of hair from front to back, side to side. This skin top allows for versatile styling with full sideburns and hair past the nape, while the fibers are soft and appear natural. Perfect for receding hair lines.

Gregory by Wig America

 3. Another traditional haircut with layers and a left side part, having thick hair was never so easy. The hair can be brushed in different directions for more styling options and is commonly associated with business men and other professionals.


Several more styles are available at our website. From classic haircuts and rocker styles to newer, more trendy ones.

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