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Designed With Chemo & Alopecia Patients in Mind

Hair loss can be stressful, most especially when the underlying cause effects ones overall health and appearance. Many cancer patients undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments to save their lives; losing hair is in comparison a small price to pay in the minds of most. Wig makers and designers continue to develop new technology and perfect older ones to increase comfort, style, versatility and natural appearance of new wigs. Overcoming dramatic medical conditions does not mean you must look any less fabulous!

Some chemo and Alopecia patients lose all of their hair, while others experience loss at alarming rates. The construction of the hairpiece is designed for comfort, natural appearance, and style — no matter if your hair is thinning or you have a receding hairline. Specifically, Dream USA uses a flexible monofilament cap that allows the wearer to easily change the wig style from day to day. Hair or fibers are hand tied to the mono, see-through mesh top to perfectly blend with your skin.

Look at these styles:

1. A classic bob cut with a face framing front and full crown, this style is no trend. The high quality synthetic fiber is feels and appears like your real hair.  Several colors and highlights available.

Atlanta by Dream USA

2. No need to cover your face unless you want to! The Dallas wig, like most in this collection, allows for a very natural hairline and neat appearance. Part it where you want or wear it all off from the face — no one will know unless you tell them.

Dallas by Dream USA


3. Austin is also constructed on a monofilament cap for a fun, flirty, and easy style with little fuss. Salon inspired colors are available to give the perfect blend and look you want. Short and simple.

Austin by Dream USA

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