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Three Straight & Versatile Wig Styles

Wearing straight wig styles can be tricky for some face shapes, but not impossible. There are times we all want to wear the latest bob or layered straight cut. If you have a narrow face, straight wig styles can make your face appear longer and more narrow. But fuller faces look amazing with straight tresses. Extensions can also easily add length to your hair in the places you feel most comfortable, and give you more versatility when parting and styling the hair.

Here are a few hair extensions you can find at our online store:

  • hh-clip-on-straight.jpg┬áThis clip-on adds length to a bang or wherever you like. Think of the long bang and short hair cut that superstar Rihanna has worn or other celebrities. This option is inexpensive and comes in 6, 8 or 12 inches. Pick a color to highlight your own color or to blend naturally. Several options come from this simple choice. Wear it to work, out with friends or not at all. You are in control of the look you want!
  • Razor sharp cuts give you a dramatic look and face framing style. The mixed color make this fun and great to wear in the office or out with your friends.
  • From the reviews on our site — many people find this a very versatile wig yet simple enough to wear daily.

  • If you like classic and timeless — this Cleopatra wig is perfect. If your forehead is smaller, you could trim the bangs if you wish. Beautiful





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