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Preserving And Caring For Your Wig

Keeping your wigs in good condition and looking good can be as simple as implementing a wig care regimen and storing hem properly. Sure, how frequent the wigs are worn and their quality must be considered but the tips I will outline below can preserve any wig. For serious wig wearers that spend hundreds of dollars on their wigs, these steps can make a huge difference.

1. Less but Better Products If you have tue latest synthetic wigs that allow heat styling or you prefer human hair wigs, using products that leave less residue and brush out easily is best. You can use a light sheen or holding spray to maintain your look. Products that leave flakes or greasy residue will require you to wash the hair piece more and compromise it’s quality.

2. Brush Lightly Using a wig brush, always start from the ends and work your way up. Brush the fiber or human hair softly to avoid shedding or ripping the hair from the cap. Do not use a comb or start from the top.

3. Cut Frayed Edges Wigs can get caught on clothing, scarves or even earrings. While you can try to avoid this, frayed edges will occur over time — especially with longer and everyday wigs. Trim split ends and edges that will inevitably continue to be caught on your clothing otherwise. Only trim what needs to be trimmed.

4. Wash Regularly If you are noticing less movement in your wig and product buildup, you can remedy this by washing the wig. Add warm water to a bucket or sink with dishwashing soap (for synthetic fabrics) or shampoo ( for human hair wigs). Swish the wig around and use your hands. Do not brush or comb while wet! Allow to drip dry and your wig style will automatically return.

5. Store Properly Some people sleep in their wigs with a cap. You should store the wig in it’s original packaging or a mannequin. You will notice that leaving it out without brushing or properly card with quickly show in the way the wig looks and feels.

There may be specific instructions for special wigs. There are also great wig products made by wig manufacturers. Get a routine and stick to it, your wig will thank you!

How do you care for your wigs?

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