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Wig recommendations and fiber types

With all the variety of wig styles available, it can be difficult to decide which is best for you. Not just how it would look, but specific details based on how much maintenance and care is required. Other important considerations are the reasons you wear wigs or extensions.

Lace Front

Lace fronts come in synthetic, blended, and human hair styles. If you wear your wig daily and never want anyone to question if that is your hair or not, human hair will feel and look the most natural. Human hair will also give you unlimited possibilities when it comes to styling. You can curl, flat iron, or anything else. This requires you to care for it just as meticulously. You will need to wash and condition your human hair. You can roller set or style in any manner. Many lace fronts can be found in blended styles and high quality synthetics as well. Be sure to read the package completely before applying heat to synthetic wigs.

Lace fronts are also great for receding or thinning hair lines. Unfortunately, they can also be the cause. Glue and tape can damage your hairline if overused or improperly removed. Lace fronts give he illusion of a natural hairline and give you room to part some hair out. You can expect lace from ear to ear with parting space varying between 1/2 to 4 inches (for deep lace).

Lace fronts now come in several styles that do not require adhesive. However, in order to achieve the best look, it will help. Using the adhesive means a commitment to wearing the wig for a long while.

Half Wigs – 3/4 Wigs – Falls

If you enjoy a full hairline and simply would like to add volume or length, you can opt for these types of wigs. You would leave the front of hour hair out, from ear to ear, and pull the rest back or corn row. The flatter the braids, the better the wig will sit on you head. With these styles it is important to match your hair color and texture. Without matching hair color and texture, it will look fake. The good news is that you can leave small amounts of hair out as you learn to style it more and blend it. Great option while transitioning.

They can be removed daily and require little maintenance. If using product, you will need to wash the wig and allow it to drip dry. This type of style is good for people who want low maintenance and have hair they don’t mind caring for to blend with the wig.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic fibers are more cost effective and very easy to maintain. Even after styling heat resistant fiber you can wash it and return it back to it’s original styles. If you are new to wigs and want to test the waters without a huge financial investment, you can find many styles in quality synthetic fibers. I have had some synthetic wigs for years and still wear them. This is also a great option for occasional wig wearers. These are recommended for all wig wearers for their styling versatility and price. The quality continues to improve as well.

Blended Fibers is a blend of human hair and synthetic fibers, giving you the best qualities of both human and synthetic hair.


You can easily add length for a specific occasion or hair style by using extensions. Extensions also help to glamorize everyday looks or boring hair days. They are easy to use and simple to remove and keep for next time.

Which is the wig / style of your choice?

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