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Flattering Curly Wig Styles

Now that you know the different face shapes and the hair styles that flatter them most, let’s focus on styles! No matter how displeased one may be with their face shape, there are ways to highlight features while downplaying others to achieve the look you want! Curly styles are classic, chic, and versatile. Especially face shapes that are more narrow and thin, adding volume to your hair with curls are the perfect solution. You can choose from tight, loose, or big curls – look at some of the wig styles that can complement many face shapes:

4 Seasons Wig by Forever Young

Kabana by Motown Tress


Susan 3/4 Wig by New Look

Dallas Do Hairpiece by Forever Young

Dareen by Wig America

Curls are very feminine and soften any face — whether your forehead is large or square, or you need a change from your normal fine hair texture. Curls work. Achieving these looks on your own hair would require much more time and effort. I have said it many times and I will say it again: wigs give you a straight-from-the-salon look everyday!

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