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Wig Styles for Pear and Heart Shaped Faces

Pear Face Shape

The forehead and chin proportions make a face pear shaped. The pear shaped face is longer than it is wide, with a wider chin than forehead. Focus on wigs that balance these areas of your face by widening your forehead and narrowing the chin.

Choosing styles for this shape is not difficult. To widen the forehead, sweep hair away from the face. Select wigs that are wider on the top, with hair that is not pushed back behind the ear. Hair in the face, especially at the jawline allows it to hide the wide appearance of the jaw.

Straight styles, long styles, and styles with full bangs are all appropriate. It is amazing how the right wig can make any face shape look its best!


Heart Face ShapeHeart Shaped Faces have the opposite proportions of their top / foreheads to their chins. With wider foreheads and more narrowed chins, owners of these types of face shapes usually aim to minimize the forehead. Bangs easily tone down the width of  the forehead. Celebrities like Christina Ricci and Lynn Whitfield have worn styles with and without bangs — proving that wearing what works for you is always best.

Christina Ricci

Lynn Whitfield

You should avoid super short styles and concentrate on drawing more attention towards the jawline. A side part, side swept bangs, and wig styles with low volume near the crown are the best choice. We offer wigs from popular and top quality wig lines that offer styles perfect for any face shape; here are a few choices for the heart shaped face beauties.




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