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Styles for Oval & Round Shaped Faces

Oval Face ShapeFinding the perfect style for you is more involved than choosing a style that looks good. While it may look appealing on the model, every style may not complement your face shape. Knowing the shape of your face helps you choose styles that look the best on you, based on your unique features.

The two face shapes we will discuss today are: Oval and Round Shaped Faces.


Oval shaped faces are 1.5 times as wide as they are long. This is considered symmetrical and proportionate, making almost any wig style appropriate and stylish. Straight, long, layered, or curly — framing this face with the perfect wig will not be difficult.  Stars with this face shape include: Megan Fox, Eva Mendes, and Halle Berry! As you can see, up-do’s with bangs, long and flowing hair, or super short all look equally as beautiful for this type of face shape.



Round Face ShapeYour face is considered round even if the measurements are not exactly the same but close. To make the face appear more narrow, choose styles that do not have center parts. Styles that are too short or full on the sides can add to the full appearance of the face, making it appear larger. Long styles without layers can also have the same effect. Celebrities with round faces include Kelly Clarkson, Kirsten Dunst, and Cameron Diaz. You have to be careful with bangs because it can make the face appear shorter which adds to a larger appearance.


Determining your shape appearance can be as simple as pulling your hair back and looking in the mirror, or measuring your cheeks, forehead, jaw, and total length. To find more detailed instruction, visit here. Minimize styles that accentuate features that you want to downplay, and choose those styles that bring out your best features.

Oval Style Suggestions:

Always by Raquel Welch

Round Shape Suggestions:

High Society

Ignite by Jon Renau

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This week we will also discuss more shape faces and styles best suited for them. Join the Facebook discussion and stay tuned for an opportunity to win $50 gift certificate towards your next wig purchase with us!

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