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Unveiling Raquel Welch’s 2011 Fall Line

Firstly, a big THANK YOU to the new readers! Thank you for your comments and questions — I will be sure to answer each inquiry individually. Use coupon code Thanks10 for 10% off $100 purchases of wigs, extensions, and more or Thanks20 for 20% off $200 or more! Happy Thanksgiving!

Now, for the 2011 fall line of Raquel Welch’s wig collection! Everything about this collection is fabulous, stay tuned for video reviews and be sure to let us know which styles YOU would like to see.

This line offers something for everyone — short or long, curly or straight, human hair or synthetic, for the office or a night out — you will not be disappointed.


Bravo is right!  This wig is simple enough for everyday wear but the 100% human hair quality allows it to be styled in anyway that suits the occasion.

Combining a Sheer Indulgence™ lace front hairline for natural looking off the face styling with the added lightness of the Sheer Indulgence™ monofilament top and the cool comfort of a 100% hand-knotted base, this long & lush, all-over layered silhouette has the added plus of being made with 100% fine human hair!

The possibilities are endless and the quality makes it so natural that no one will ever know…unless you tell them!



The subtle flips frame the face with side-swept bangs in a beautifully layered, medium length cut.

The lace front creates a natural hairline and the Sheer Indulgence monofilament cap makes the part look more natural as well. This type of cap offers more style versatility and comfort.

This wigs is simple yet sophisticated. It could be worn by anyone trying to transition to a longer wig after wearing short wigs because of the layered cut.  It could also be worn by someone wanting to wear shorter wigs after wearing longer wigs. Either way, the wig looks like an “in-between” short and long style that can definitely be worn daily given its quality and versatility.

Be sure to leave your comments about this style, any additional questions and photos on our facebook or twitter pages.



For a shorter and more traditional look, Finesse offers the classic bob style with feathered  bangs. This wig has a monofilament cap with Vibralite Sheer Indulgence.

If you like to keep the same style, this is the perfect wig. This type of style is perfect for working out at the gym because the cut is away from the neck. The sheer cap would allow the bangs to be brushed off the face while you exercise.

Who says you can’t look good while working out?

Just a thought.

The color shown is R29S+ Glazed Strawberry and this style offers several other mixed colors.

If you are unsure about your color, please review the Raquel Welch color chart here. If you have worn wigs or extensions for a while, you know that every brand interprets the colors a little different.

Check out these other styles NEW for 2011:

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