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Six Short & Sexy Styles For November

Among the several benefits of wearing a wig is the ability to easily change hairstyles with little effort or stress. Some people use wigs for medical reasons while others simply enjoy changing styles without having to hassle with their own hair. Short hairstyles are sexy, sleek, and FUN! But not everyone can afford the salon visits, and why cut your hair when you can get the look without it?

Regardless of why you choose to wear wigs, here are some fabulous short styles:


  • Every style pictured is one of several that can be created by the wig.
  • Synthetic fiber wigs allow you to comb or brush the hair in a direction or style that best suits you without having to add heat. Most synthetic fibers can be curled up to 350 degrees, but is not necessary.
  • Human hair styles give you the option to completely change the style with heat and products.
  • Wigs-US ships worldwide with same day shipping on most orders
  • You will not find these wigs better priced; but if you do, we will MATCH IT!
**Looking for longer styles? Bookmark as we will showcase other styles. In the meantime, you can check out thousands of wigs, extensions, and hair accessories online at www.wigs-us.com**

We would love to hear from you! Do you own these styles? Let us know what you think, post a picture, or ask us a question on our Facebook Page. Stay tuned for an opportunity to win a free wig, gift certificates, and more when you like us.

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