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How to Apply a Lace Front Wig

Vivienne Lace Front Wig

So, just how do you wear or apply a lace front wig? I know that question plagued me for some time before I started to learn about lace front wigs.

So there are three basic ways of attaching a lace front wig – clips, glue or tape. Each is fine for its particular purposes and the one you choose will be based on what is best for you.

Here are the basic preparations you need to do in order to prepare your scalp to attach a lace front wig.

  • Step One: Prep your own hair
    There are three ways to deal with your own hair:
    • The first is to use a wig cap to cover your own hair. Wig caps are great for protecting your own hair from any glue or tape.
    • The second is to pull your hair back and away from your face, then secure it to your scalp with hair pins in pin curls.
    • The third was is to cornrow your hair as flatly as possible. You choose what is best for your hair and situation.
  • Step Two: Clean your hairline
    Clean your face and hairline to remove any oils from your skin. Use rubbing alcohol and a lint-free paper towel. If you use moisturizer, be sure to stop about 1 inch away from your hairline. Wait a few moments to make sure your skin is completely dry before beginning.
  • Step Three: Skin Protection
    If you are planning to use glue, then you would want to apply any scalp protection product around the perimeter of your head right below your hairline. This protects your skin as it creates a barrier between your skin and the adhesive. Allow the skin protectant to dry completely before applying the adhesive.
  • Step Four: Prep Your Wig
    Pull the wig onto your head. Position the wig exactly how you want the wig to sit on your head. Then gently trim the lace back to match the shape of your hairline. Take care not to over trim. You will need to have a strip of lace to adhere to the skin. Cutting the lace too short creates a bad fit and excessive pull.
    Once you have completed trimming the lace, fold back the edges of the wig where the lace is present. This opens up the area for the adhesive.
  • Step Five: Apply Adhesive – Glue
    Apply a thin coat of adhesive around the perimeter of your head at the edge of your hairline. If you are attaching a lace front wig, you will only need to apply adhesive in the front for the length of the lace. Wait a few minutes (or use a blow dryer on the COOL setting for about 30-45 seconds) for the glue to dry until it’s tacky/sticky. Once the adhesive is tacky, you can gently roll the edges of the lace back into its normal position.

Hair Clip - Medium

Liquid Gold Bonding Glue

Starting with the top of the front hairline, press the wig and glued area together and apply constant pressure until the wig stays by itself. This can take a minute or longer. Repeat this step for the sides and the nape if you are attaching a full lace wig. Please allow 15 minutes before styling to ensure the glue is completely dry.

In order to prevent damage to existing hair and scalp, only apply the adhesive directly on the skin and not on existing hair.
Only use approved lace wig glue as other types of glue may cause damage to the hair, scalp and wig.

  • Step Five: Apply Adhesive – Tape
    The wig tape comes in either strips of varying widths and lengths or on a roll. The tape is double sides ie sticky on both sides. First peel off one side of the tape to expose the adhesive and apply to your skin around the perimeter of your head below the hairline. Next, peel the tape backing off to reveal the adhesive. Beginning with the front hairline, proceed to attach the wig by pressing and holding it to the adhesive for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat the steps for your nape and sides if attaching a full wig.

Once the wig has been attached, allow up to 15 minutes for the adhesive to fully set before styling your wig.

Now you know how to apply a lace front wig, you can check out all of our lace front wigs to find the style which is right for you.

Next time we will discuss how to remove your lace front wig.

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